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Former milk donor? We want YOU for the Milk Donor Alumnae Group!

Donor moms are a special group of women who selflessly share their extra milk to benefit the health of babies they don’t even know. And many say they want to stay involved with the Milk Bank’s good work, long after “retirement” from milk donation.

Another important fact: Many women who are screened as donors tell us they heard about the Milk Bank from current or former donors. And we pay special attention to this feedback, since one of the Milk Bank’s goals is to approve 400 new milk donors this year!

No doubt about it, former donors are among our most powerful advocates and ambassadors – and we want to help them stay engaged with our mission. That’s why we have created the Milk Donor Alumnae group!

Interested in joining the Milk Donor Alumnae? You can choose a role that suits your interests: Help us spread the word and attract new milk donors, volunteer at our Austin office, or make a financial gift to the Milk Bank in support of our programs. We’ll thank you with a special alumnae gift…

Our big thank-you party

St. David's Foundation threw a party at our place the other night, so their trustees and staff could see what their big grant did.

There were tours of our new office, waiters walking around with tiny yummy food, and wine, of course. But the best part were the stories. (Okay, and the cute babies.)

First off, some of us learned the milk bank was hatched by Dr. Sonny Rivera, NICU nurses and others in the cafeteria at St. David's Medical Center. We also learned the answer to the question: is there a relationship between St. David's Episcopal Church and the hospital? (The answer is: sort of. The church gave two doctors a loan to start Austin's "baby hospital," which is now the St. David's Healthcare System!)

But the best story was the one shared by the mom of a baby who received donor human milk from us. Her son Davis was born last summer, 3 weeks early. After a serious bout with jaundice he went home, but soon she knew something was seriously wrong. He was…

New digs for the milk bank

We've moved! And the dust is settling at our fabulous new space in central Austin. We couldn't be more thrilled to share it with our donors, volunteers, friends and supporters!

Our new home is decked out with three state-of-the art pasteurizing labs, a drive-through Milk Drop for milk donors, a meeting room where groups can gather, more space for our volunteers to share their time and talent, and expanded office space for our staff.

Speaking of staff, their rave reviews keep coming in:

"Space, space and more space! I have so much paperwork to do, materials to send out and packets to make throughout the week and I love that I now have the space to do it. Plus, the ease of accessibility appears to have attracted more donors to come inside, and it's great to see donor moms and their babies."
-Kara White, Milk Donor Coordinator

"I think the best thing about our new location is the ease of use and visibility for our most valuable assets - our donor and recipient famil…