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Julia’s Milk Pumping Story.

This week we celebrated World Breast Pumping Day.  A day where we all the breastfeeding community acknowledge the love, dedication, and sacrifices that mothers made during their breastfeeding journey.

The theme of World Breast Pumping Day 2020 is “Every Drop Counts.” Since breastfeeding could be a different experience for every mother and baby, some are able to breastfeed beautifully from the start, while others need more support.

At Mother’s Milk Bank Austin, we support all parents, and we believe that all experiences are valid and meaningful.
Today we are excited to share Julia’s milk pumping story. Julia is one of our board directors. She is a healthcare technology professional who loves travel and photography and a mother who, after going through a challenging breast pumping journey, became a human milk donor.

When you’re expecting a baby, you do what you can to prepare for your child’s arrival. I did as much as I could to be ready for my baby, but there was one area where I was not …