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Breastfeeding, Breast Milk, and COVID-19 - Kara Michael from Best Fed Beginnings

Breastfeeding, Breast milk, and COVID-19 
Hi mamas! My name is Kara Michael and I’m an occupational therapist and an IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant). I’m the owner of Best Fed Beginnings, a breastfeeding clinic in Beaumont, TX. We’ve also housed a Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin depot drop off in our office since February 2019. I’m the proud mom to my 5 year old daughter, Natalie and my 3 month old son, Theodore (Teddy). 

We, as mothers with babies, are facing unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all trying to do what we think is best for not only ourselves as individuals and families, but for our community as a whole with social distancing and stores closing. It is easy to feel helpless during these times and question how you can both keep your family safe and contribute to the common good and help others in this time of crisis. 

Well mamas, I can promise you that breastfeeding, and continuing to breastfeed, is the best thing you can do for your…