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Meet Recipient Baby Andrew

When you make the choice to donate - go through the phone screening, fill out the paperwork, get your blood drawn, pump extra milk - you are working to save infants like, Andrew. Andrew survived a preterm birth, multiple birth defects, and a long battle in the NICU but, because of donor human milk from MMBA, was able to grow and thrive. Andrew's Mom, Anna, brings us through every step of their incredible journey. Thank you Anna for choosing to share.
"At my son Andrew’s 21 week anatomy ultrasound, I was informed that he most likely had a condition called esophageal atresia (EA), which is a disconnection of the esophagus to the stomach. My doctors couldn't tell for sure if that was going on or how much of a gap in disconnection it was, but all indicators pointed toward this birth defect. It was difficult to hear the news of this, but I went ahead with every hope that it was correctable and that he would be okay. He had no apparent markers for anything else at that point, so…