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Volunteering at the Milk Bank

Today marks the eighth week of my volunteer position at the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin—I have found a new passion. I heard about the Milk Bank through Kim Updegrove, Executive Director. I showed interest as a potential volunteer and within a week I booked my first shift.

What brought me here was no coincidence. I am constantly amazed by the sheer power of food and childhood nutrition. Whether from a research article or my own experiences with food allergies, good quality food significantly contributes to our optimal health and organ function. Now in college as a Nutrition-Dietetics major, I have a greater appreciation of how food works—it is not just the portion control or daily serving of greens that sets the foundation of a person’s health. Good nutrition, particularly during infancy, is one of the most crucial factors that determine long-term immunity, growth and development. Naturally, breast milk acts as a main source of food for newborns. It can also save a baby’s life if the…

Protecting Breastfeeding When Baby Can’t Nurse


• Breast stimulation normally begins soon after birth. Babies may be sleepy the first day. From then on, newborns breastfeed 8-12 times a day. Breast stimulation on Day 2 is important to prevent delays in your milk coming in. If complications cause delays, protect your breastfeeding options by following 3 Rules:

Feed the baby (hand-expressed or pumped colostrum or donor milk)
Protect the Milk Supply (hand express and pump every 3 hours)
Protect breast focus (skin-to-skin holding, use breast as pacifier)

• Colostrum (the first milk) protects the baby from infection and prevents excess weight loss. Hand express and spoon feed it to help wake a sleepy baby so you can practice breastfeeding.

• Rent a hospital grade electric breast pump if there will be a delay in the baby being able to breastfeed. Double pump for 12-15 minutes at least 8 times during every 24 hours. Hand expressing increases milk supply in combination with pumping and skin-to-skin baby holdi…

National Breastfeeding Month!

Today kicks off National Breastfeeding Month and here at the Milk Bank we could not be more excited! This month is going to be chock full of fun and educational events that will bring more awareness to the importance of breastfeeding and non-profit milk banking. We will be bringing you valuable information all month and hope you will join us at our fabulous events in Austin! This is our month, let’s CELEBRATE!