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2016 HMBANA Conference:Learning About the Science of Milk Banking
By Julia Weatherby Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin Board of Directors
Did you know there is so much research and science specific to milk banking that there is an entire conference devoted to it? Every two years, the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) hosts an international conference on donor human milk and milk banking. This year, the two-day conference was held in Orlando, Florida. Five people from the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin attended, including myself. I was attending for the first time. Other attendees and speakers included people from other milk banks, researchers, neonatologists, and other experts in nutrition, lactation and health.
While the conference was only two days long, it was packed full of educational and inspiring presentations. The conference had scientific presentations, as well as talks about social and public policy issues. We heard about the status of milk banking and breast…

Friends of the Milk Bank Appreciation Event: June 15, 2016